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Upcoming special issue:

Cognition Of Early Polyphony: Bringing Together Humanities And Sciences
ESF Exploratory Workshop - SCH, Graz, Austria, 12-15 April 2012
Articles in press:
Perception of Vicentino’s 31-tone tuning system
Stephen McAdams, Mikaela Miller, Jonathan Wild and Bruno L. Giordano
Current issue:
spring/fall 2013, volume 7 issue 1&2
Special Issue: Music, Voice and Emotion
Guest editors: Eduardo Coutinho, Bernardino Fantini and Klaus Scherer
Special Issue Articles
The rise of fixed pitch systems  and the slide of continuous pitch: A note for emotion in music research about portamento
Emery Schubert and Joe Wolfe
Tone of voice in emotional expression and its implications for the affective character of musical mode
Daniel Bowling, Bruno Gingras, Shui’er Han, Janani Sundararajan, and Emma Opitz
Regular Articles
Work, rest and (press) play: Music consumption as an indicator of human economic development
Matthew Woolhouse  and Jotthi Bansal
A microtonal tuning method: Test & discussion on the use of microtonal intervals for the performance of traditional Turkish music
Yahya Burak Tamer and Barư₫ Bozkurt








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